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About Everyday Practice

Everyday Practice is a free national online education and capacity building resource for NDIS Providers and NDIS Participants.

  • Project Overview
  • Project Partners
  • Acknowledgements

Project Overview

The purpose of Everyday Practice is to help NDIS providers comply with their daily NDIS obligations and responsibilities, through the lens of NDIS Participants’ experience.

The project has been developed under the Support for NDIS Providers Program, which is funded by the NDIS Quality and Safeguards Commission. The program aims to support NDIS providers meet their responsibilities to provide safe and quality services to NDIS Participants.

Everyday Practice’s objectives are to:

  • support NDIS Providers meet their NDIS obligations and incorporate them into their everyday practice;
  • empower NDIS Participants to become discerning consumers of NDIS supports and services; and
  • give NDIS Providers and NDIS Participants the opportunity to collaborate and improve the NDIS experience for everyone.

Over time, Everyday Practice will house a range of educational resources to help NDIS Providers and NDIS Participants understand what best practice NDIS service delivery looks like, on a day-to-day basis. This will include videos, fact sheets, guides and interactive online activities containing examples and case studies of NDIS best practice.

The resources and information presented on Everyday Practice are developed, reviewed and monitored by NDIS Participants, NDIS Providers and industry professionals.

Everyday Practice does not aim to provide information on broader NDIS policy and practices, which can be located on the National Disability Insurance Agency and NDIS Quality and Safeguards Commission websites.

Media Enquiries

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Project Partners

Everyday Practice is a buzzing community led by industry professionals and NDIS Participants

Everyday Practice is delivered by Amergin in collaboration with Queenslanders with Disability Network (QDN).


Amergin is one of Australia’s leading NDIS and Aged Care consultancy services delivering registration, compliance, marketing and educational support to organisations across the country.

Queenslanders with Disability Network (QDN)

QDN is a state-wide organisation of, for, and with people with disability connecting for collective and affirmative action. QDN’s motto is “nothing about us without us.”

Steering Committee

The Everyday Practice project is guided by a steering committee comprised of Amergin, QDN, the Community Resource Unit (CRU) and Richmond Fellowship Queensland (RFQ). NDIS Providers and Participants have been engaged in Advisory Groups to co-design and contribute to the resources on this website. Project Management is provided by Projects for Purpose.


Everyday Practice would not be possible without the participation and time committed to the project by the following NDIS Providers, NDIS Participants and support crew.

NDIS Participants

  • Brendon Donohue
  • Charmaine Idris
  • Cody Skinner
  • Jane Britt
  • Jane and Olly Geltch
  • Matt McCracken
  • Nadia Brady
  • Nigel Webb
  • Peter Tully
  • Willie Prince