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Feedback and Complaints Policy and Procedure

Everyday Practice aims to provide an educative and knowledgeable platform that allows everyone who uses it to interact safely.

We consider receiving feedback and complaints as an essential way for us to improve our Everyday Practice system, content and response. We also value feedback that clarifies what we are doing well and should continue.

We support Everyday Practice users to provide feedback on their experience or make a complaint that will help us to make their experience more positive, engaging and useful.

We are committed to responding to any complaints or feedback as quickly as possible and in a fair, transparent and responsive manner.

If you have had a negative experience using Everyday Practice, including its Forum or Helpdesk, you have the right to make a complaint.

Providing feedback or making a complaint

Any feedback or complaint you have about the content on, or your experience with, Everyday Practice, including its Forum and Helpdesk, can be submitted using our Feedback page.

What happens next?

We will send an automatic email receipt acknowledging your feedback or complaint within 2 hours of lodgement.

When feedback is about what we are doing well, we will register this in our Feedback Register and ensure we capture this in any iteration of our project.

When the complaint or feedback relates to the functionality or accessibility of the Everyday Practice Platform web solution, it will be escalated to the Amergin web developers and registered as an item to consider in the next platform update.

When the complaint or feedback relates to the resources, information, responses or other content on the Everyday Practice Platform it will be escalated to the Amergin content consultants, entered onto the Feedback Register and scheduled for resolution within five working days. Complaints of a critical nature will be responded to within 24 hours (see our Crisis and Critical Incident Policy and Procedure for the definition of Critical).

If a complaint cannot be resolved within the timeframes above, we will contact you to let you know and advise you when we think the complaint will be resolved.

In dealing with feedback and complaints, we will operate with fairness and courtesy, and our discussions and decisions will respect the privacy and confidentiality of all involved.

When a complaint is unable to be resolved at a local level, we will request a member of our Steering Committee to assist us with mediation.

For complaints that cannot be resolved by the Everyday Practice Team we will encourage the complainant to progress the complaint through the NDIS Quality and Safeguards Commission.