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Asked by:  zacm


Hello, My father is an NDIS participant and turns 65 this year. Do we have to transfer to the Aged Care system or can we stay with the NDIS?



Thank you for your question Zacm. Current NDIS Participant’s who turn 65 are not automatically required to transition over to the Aged Care System and have the option to continue to access NDIS supports and services through their NDIS Plan. NDIS Participant’s also have the option to transfer to Aged Care at any time; noting an Aged Care Assessment will be required. Ultimately the choice to remain an NDIS Participant or move to the Aged Care System rests with your father (or his appointed guardian). 

For further information regarding Aged Care, please refer to:, for information on Aged Care Assessments, please refer to:
or alternatively you can contact the NDIS for further discussion:

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